May update from Les and Vicki

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Dear friends,

Life has been very busy since our trip to Israel at the end of March!  The tour we led there exceeded all our expectations in the richness of fellowship, and with the interesting historical and spiritually illuminating places we visited.  The group of 39 people included about 14 from Siberia with their translator, 3 from Poland, 2 from New Zealand, and 2 from Cyprus not to mention Larry Hill from Ireland.  We spent three days in the Galilee region, four in Jerusalem and three by the Dead Sea.  One of the highlights of the tour was the marriage of Bernard Wilkins and Anna Ward from Tiverton.  Les conducted the marriage vows and Larry Hill preached, Mary Seaton and I sang – all in the most beautiful setting under a palm tree by the Sea of Galilee. This was followed by a boat cruise across the sea in a 1st century-style wooden fishing boat.  We enjoyed the natural beauty and surroundings of the places we visited, generally avoiding the religious buildings – focusing more on the biblical events which took place in these locations.  Les, Larry, John Elliott and Pastor Nikolai from Siberia had plenty of opportunity to bring the word of God to the group in such a relevant and powerful way.  The hotel by the Dead Sea had a meeting room for us to use where we enjoyed wonderful times of worship, prayer and testimony, as well as times of relaxation floating around on the Dead Sea caked in black mud!  We are thinking of taking another group on a similar tour next year probably during the last week of April 2013. Let us know if you, or any of your contacts, would like to receive more information about it.

Some photos can be seen here:

Now that we are based back in Epsom, Les and I tend to be home during the week and away at weekends in various places.  This has meant that we hardly appear there on a Sunday; so Les has been doing a series of Thursday night Bible studies in Epsom on the subject of prayer.  You can listen to these on the church website:

Since returning from Israel, we first went to the annual conference in Germany (near Frankfurt), with our son, Daniel.  Dave Medlock and Les shared the ministry.  It was actually the 25th one hosted by Clem and Sylvia Fisher!  We praise God for the blessing of these gatherings over the years and for all the lives that have been profoundly touched by the Lord.

We then attended the Word of Life Conference, Dublin, which was our next place to visit.  The meetings were very well attended with Blaesius Fultang and Les speaking over the weekend.  It was a great time of worship together with people attending from many different church backgrounds.  From there we went straight to the Prayer and Bible Week, Cloverley, taking Blaesius and Larry Hill with us.  It was an exceptionally powerful time with the sense of the presence of the Lord in the meetings.  I know many lives were touched and changed during these days.

Since then we have had two very precious weekends in Liverpool with the church at Devonshire Rd.  We feel such a strong link of love and fellowship with everyone there after our many weeks of staying with them on and off over the past 2-3 years before moving back to Epsom.

Les was able to spend a weekend with the church over in Tralee, Ireland and I got busy making wedding cakes while with my parents in Birmingham! (Becky and Nick are getting married on 6th October)

We have just returned from a wonderful week with Dave and Sajda Fenton in Provence, France.  It was a great joy for me to be with Les as it was my first time to go there and see them in their home, and to have a few meetings in their church.  It always amazes me how Les can switch into preaching in French after quite a long gap and with so many other languages in his head!  It was lovely renewing fellowship with Dave and Sajda, who are doing a great work there.

Every blessing

Les and Vicki

Hearing God’s Heart Now Available as a Paperback

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Les Wheeldon’s new daily devotional “Hearing God’s Heart” is now available as a paperback. Featuring 366 daily readings this inspired devotional draws you into a closer walk with God.

This daily devotional ‘Hearing The Heart Of God, is exactly that.  After reading the daily teachings one comes away feeling you have caught something of the heart of God.  Rev. Les Wheeldon has produced a truly Holy Spirit inspired devotional that will greatly help each reader in their spiritual growth and daily walk with the Lord.  –  John Elliott – Director World Outreach International.

You can order you copy for just $15.50 (about £10) from here.

More details about the book and other books by Les can be found on the Books by Les Wheeldon page.

Hearing God’s Heart Now Available on Kindle

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Les Wheeldon’s new daily devotional draws you into a closer walk with God. Featuring 366 daily readings to make you reflect, meditate and move into the presence of God.

It includes a themes index with many entries for prayer, waiting on God and finding God’s presence. This reflects the goal of the author in cultivating a listening, worshipping heart of love for God.

Other themes included in the daily reading are: The cross, Discipleship, Faith, Forgiveness, Love, The presence of God, Resurrection life, The love of God, and the Holy Spirit.

This daily devotional ‘Hearing The Heart Of God, is exactly that.  After reading the daily teachings one comes away feeling you have caught something of the heart of God.  Rev. Les Wheeldon has produced a truly Holy Spirit inspired devotional that will greatly help each reader in their spiritual growth and daily walk with the Lord.  –  John Elliott – Director World Outreach International.

This refreshing book is bursting with encouragement and inspiration.


The book is available now from the Kindle store in the

Messages From Sessions in Singapore and Nicosia

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4 sessions on “Challenging World Views” preached in English in Singapore in Sept 2011:

  1. World View - 6 Sep 2011 Les Wheldon (41.68 MB)
  2. World View - 7 Sep 2011 Les Wheldon Part 1 (22.84 MB)
  3. World View - 7 Sep 2011 Les Wheldon Part 2 (19.78 MB)

And the accompanying notes:

One message preached in Nicosia in July 2011 with translation into Greek.

Messages From Sessions in the Arctic Circle

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Here are the messages preached by Les during his 2011 trip to the Arctic Circle. The messages are in English with translation into Inuktitut.

September 2011 Update

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Since our last update, Les and I have at last settled back into our home in the UK.  It has been five years now since we left England to live in Singapore, the past three being of ‘no fixed address’ but with continuing links to the Singaporean Bible school teaching programmes and seminars.

We are now back in Singapore for a three week visit, where Les is teaching in the Tung Ling School of Ministry.  It is always a delight to be here and experience the fresh eagerness of the large group of international students as they study the Letter to the Romans, and New Testament Survey.  We have close links to over six Singaporean churches so the programme is very busy while we are here.

We are very much looking forward to our time in India later in the month.  Les and Blaesius Fultang from Cameroon will be teaching at the Pastors’ conferences.


18 days in the Arctic – Report and photos

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Les and Vicky have flown from Cape Dorset in the Arctic back down to Toronto. Their 18 days in the Arctic were very blessed, with moments of pure joy as different ones grasped the awesome truths of forgiveness of sins and the power of the cross.

They have had wonderful meetings in the small Inuit settlements, but on the second day in Cape Dorset they heard that a young man of 23 had committed suicide in the night. A lady from the community said that from his class in school all the young men and some of the girls have committed suicide.

It brings home the incredibly sad truth that these communities are so dark and spiritually in need. Many problems are drug and alcohol related, and they have the highest rates of suicide, drug addiction in Canada.

“It all makes me realise that our visits here are so important for the little flock of believers here,” said Les.

On the last night of meetings, there were some present who were deeply affected by the suicides. About thirty came forward with deep repentance and strong crying to God for mercy and help. It was a blessing to see tears of sorrow turn to peace with God. All the meetings were recorded with translation into Inuktitut, and will be broadcast on the local community radio. May their influence continue on.

On a lighter note Vicky and Les had a great ride out on the sea ice with a dog sled! Check out the photos here.

Into the Arctic Circle For Bible Week

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Vicki and Les are in Ottawa on their way to Arctic Bay some distance in the Arctic Circle, to have a Bible week with the Church there. They will be there for 2 ½ weeks and travel to three locations: Arctic Bay, Iqaluit, and Cape Dorset. They are taking their thick coats with gloves, scarves and Russian hats against the minus 15 degrees of the summer there. Temperatures will rise to near zero. Then they travel down to friends near Toronto for a week and then back to the UK at the end of May. Please pray it will be a significant visit for the believers there.

More from Singapore and a photo!

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Les and Vicki are in Singapore during some of Febrary and March. The first week of ministry was with Tung Ling Bible School where Les taught for four hours a day on the book of Romans and New Testament Survey. Around 75 students from SE Asia were enrolled on this 3 month School of Ministry. Les is also conducting seminars with the Marketplace Bible Institute on the Letter to the Hebrews.

News from Singapore

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We have now been in Singapore for one week. I have been teaching about 70 students in the Tung Ling Bible school, and the students were lively engaging and wonderful to be with. I came away from it feeling blessed and encouraged by the hunger and enthusiasm for God’s word. Thanks Tung Ling students and faculty for a great week!

We will be in Singapore for another two weeks holding a seminar on Hebrews and preaching in three more Churches. We have many friends here and it is a second home. Its also great to be in the warmth after the cold of Siberia!