September 2011 Update

Since our last update, Les and I have at last settled back into our home in the UK.  It has been five years now since we left England to live in Singapore, the past three being of ‘no fixed address’ but with continuing links to the Singaporean Bible school teaching programmes and seminars.

We are now back in Singapore for a three week visit, where Les is teaching in the Tung Ling School of Ministry.  It is always a delight to be here and experience the fresh eagerness of the large group of international students as they study the Letter to the Romans, and New Testament Survey.  We have close links to over six Singaporean churches so the programme is very busy while we are here.

We are very much looking forward to our time in India later in the month.  Les and Blaesius Fultang from Cameroon will be teaching at the Pastors’ conferences.


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