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Take me to your Leader

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I have been working on this book for the past 3 years.  At last here it is. I have got to know so many excellent leaders in so many countries across the world, and have written down what I have learned over the years interacting with them.  The book also contains some of my personal experiences in various situations.

Business principles and spiritual principles are very different.  The Church reveals a completely other world with different values and principles.

Christ must be enthroned in our hearts through surrender and prayerful attention to His rule in our lives.  The leader who does not know Christ closely ay be a good leader in human terms but his leadership will fall short of the will of God, which is to connect every believer with God Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ.


John Elliott’s foreword.

There are a myriad of books written on Christian leadership, many of which present ideas that can come across more theoretical than reality, lacking Biblical substance and integrity. It is therefore so refreshing to read Les’s book Take Me To Your Leader which presents the key core value for Godly leadership, that being to firstly know the Lord intimately in order to effectively represent Him publicly. Les’s writings are presented as a genuine cry of the Holy Spirit for present day leaders to return back to their first love, and for any who may be aspiring to be a (future) leader in the Body of Christ, this book should be read, and reviewed on a regular basis.

John Elliott, Director, World Outreach International 

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