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We have now been in Singapore for one week. I have been teaching about 70 students in the Tung Ling Bible school, and the students were lively engaging and wonderful to be with. I came away from it feeling blessed and encouraged by the hunger and enthusiasm for God’s word. Thanks Tung Ling students and faculty for a great week!

We will be in Singapore for another two weeks holding a seminar on Hebrews and preaching in three more Churches. We have many friends here and it is a second home. Its also great to be in the warmth after the cold of Siberia!

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  1. Wee Song Says:

    Dear Rev Les,

    I have enjoyed your teachings on Romans tremendously , the lighter moments when you Illustrated your fine art of drawing were great too. Thank you and may God bless you and Vickii, always.

    Wee- Song

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