18 days in the Arctic – Report and photos

Les and Vicky have flown from Cape Dorset in the Arctic back down to Toronto. Their 18 days in the Arctic were very blessed, with moments of pure joy as different ones grasped the awesome truths of forgiveness of sins and the power of the cross.

They have had wonderful meetings in the small Inuit settlements, but on the second day in Cape Dorset they heard that a young man of 23 had committed suicide in the night. A lady from the community said that from his class in school all the young men and some of the girls have committed suicide.

It brings home the incredibly sad truth that these communities are so dark and spiritually in need. Many problems are drug and alcohol related, and they have the highest rates of suicide, drug addiction in Canada.

“It all makes me realise that our visits here are so important for the little flock of believers here,” said Les.

On the last night of meetings, there were some present who were deeply affected by the suicides. About thirty came forward with deep repentance and strong crying to God for mercy and help. It was a blessing to see tears of sorrow turn to peace with God. All the meetings were recorded with translation into Inuktitut, and will be broadcast on the local community radio. May their influence continue on.

On a lighter note Vicky and Les had a great ride out on the sea ice with a dog sled! Check out the photos here.

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