Series of studies on Salvation

This series covers the whole plan fof salvation. It starts with knowing our need: the awful power of unrighteousness and even worse religious self righteousness. When we were powerless to help ourselves, Christ died for our sins. Salvation is a gift to those who trust in Christ.

Baptism with the Spirit is not a condition of salvation but the inheritance of those who are saved. By this we experience the death and Resurrection of Christ, which enables us to live a life of victory in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Salvation (part 1) (15.16 MB)
Salvation (part 2) (15.18 MB)
Salvation (part 3) (31.59 MB)
Salvation (part 4) (20.41 MB)
Salvation (part 5) (25.45 MB)

The series was recorded in early 2013 at Epsom Christian Fellowship. You can download other messages recorded there from

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