Personality profiling: Which king are you?

Every man and woman was created to reign as Kings and Priests with Jesus. The gospel restores this great calling in the life of the believer. The lives of the Kings of Israel and Judah teach us how this is possible. Here we see the whole spectrum of human personality from the cleverest man who ever lived to the most evil dictator, from the man who was too nice to ever say “no” to the man who seemed to lack every trace of conscience. Come and look in the mirror of scripture and find God’s answer to every problem of human personality.

This course covers:

  • The anatomy of moral failure.
  • The blueprint of spiritual success.
  • Human personality: Its pitfalls (depression, anger, ambition) and its capacity to bear authority as Kings in the image of God.
  • Jesus the King of Kings; our example, and the perfect King.

Session 1 (26.03 MB)
Session 2 (31.22 MB)
Session 3 (26.49 MB)
Session 4 (30.28 MB)
Session 5 (36.26 MB)
Session 6 (31.54 MB)
Session 7 (30.27 MB)
Session 8 (19.55 MB)
Session 9 (18.15 MB)

And the notes (in PDF format) are available: Personality profiling - Which king are you? (221.88 kB)

You can also download all the MP3 files in a .zip archive: PersonalityProfile (242.58 MB)

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