October Update

The later part of 2010 saw Les and his wife Vicki travel to many places including the Arctic where they visited three different Churches on Baffin Island.  Many thanks for those who prayed for them during their time with with Faith Turner, as she took them to the Arctic Bay, Pond Inlet and Cape Dorset communities.

The Bible week with the Anglican Church in Arctic Bay was very blessed with well attended meetings and a great hunger for the Word of God.  The CDs of the meetings have been widely circulated amongst the Inuit and broadcast on the local radio as Les was interpreted into Inuktitut – making the messages accessible for all.

The weather was certainly not as cold as Siberia, some days it was warm enough  for them to take their coats off!

In September Les started a long missions trip starting in Singapore, then on to China and then to India. The courses in Singapore with the MBI were very blessed.

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