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Date postedJanuary 17, 2011
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Notes for the “Personality profiling – Which king are you? course”.

Our personality and character makes us individually unique and special as a person. Certain characteristics are traits we inherit, as we discover when our children are born. One child is easy to discipline, but another may be willful and stubborn. Choice and environment can also change us for good; but sadly many times for hurt – and damage is done. The wonderful news is that Jesus loves us as an individual, the shy one and the extrovert alike. The Bible is full of diverse characters and the choices they made; we can learn so much from looking at the Kings of Israel and Judah and Queens with grace and beauty or pride and cruel ambition. We can learn from their mistakes and emulate their triumphs of faith.

The theme of Kingship is at the very root of the “Kingdom of God.” God is Himself called King often in the Bible, and Jesus is the King of Kings. From this one may conclude that all men and women were created to rule with God. Adam and Eve lost their authority and the world had to wait thousands of years before the perfect man Jesus Christ was born. He demonstrates what it means to be a true King, reigning in life with His father.