Update from Les and Vicki

Les has just returned from one of his longest trips away from home; leaving on his travels just after the New Life conference in August and arriving back on the last day of September. It was certainly a very blessed and full time of ministry in four different countries, starting with a very special time with our close Esa-Pekka and Soile Mattila, who have recently moved to Helsinki. They are involved in the leadership of the One Way Mission and so invited Les to speak at their summer conference. The meetings were also recorded for use in their TV ministry. It was a very blessed week.

Next stop was Singapore for three weeks, as Les is committed to teaching in the Tung Ling Bible School twice a year. These sessions covered the Letter to the Romans, The Genesis Code, and a series on leadership. The Tung Ling Bible School runs two three-month courses in Ministry and Leadership, and Les always enjoys the atmosphere and eager enthusiasm of the classes, packed with young people from Singapore and other Asian countries. We still have many contacts with various Church groups in Singapore, so weekdays and weekends quickly fill up with speaking engagements as well as friends to see.

Suzhou is a very beautiful city not far from Shanghai, China. Les enjoyed his visit there very much visiting the believers and holding a conference for several days. After routing back through Singapore, Les flew to Hyderabad, then on to Vijayawada, India, to spend the last two weeks with Prem and Beulah Kodali. A conference had been organised and Les was asked to speak on the book of Revelation as well as various other subjects. While there, Les visited an excellent dentist to see if they could work out why he had so much persistent toothache (a problem going back over several months). Our dentist in England had warned him that there was quite a bit of work needing doing. After extensive X-rays, the Indian clinic said they could sort him out before he left in 5 days. This involved 5 crowns – 3 upper ones including a bridge, 2 lower crowns and 5 root canal treatments! An Indian business man, a lovely Christian brother, paid the bill. It was an amazingly positive experience and extremely professional – and now Les is free of toothache!

During this very long trip, I was at home but not alone, as my mother is very good company. She has her annex on the side of the house where she entertains many friends and visitors from her church, St Mary’s. We also were able to get away for a week as I drove us both to Paris to stay with a relative there. It was beautiful late summer weather and we were able to enjoy the sights and get to see a lot of Paris.

Les and I are looking forward to travelling together around the UK in October, including spending a couple of days in Edinburgh with our son, Daniel. He has recently started a Master’s degree at the University there.

Please pray for Les and Sandy Robertson as they go up to the Arctic for the month of November. It is a very good time to go, as the Inuit can’t hunt during this season. The sea is freezing up so no boats can go out for fishing, but the ice is not firm enough to go out on sledges. Each time we’ve been out there, the people ask for November meetings as they will be well attended. It will be strange to have permanent night time during this winter season; our other visits have always been in the 24 hour daylight time.

Every blessing

Les and Vicki


1-21 Nov – The Arctic, visiting Baffin Island with Sandy Robertson
22 – 23 Nov – Stouffville, Canada with Walt and Wennie Robbins (Vicki 19 – 30 Nov)
1 – 9 Dec – Singapore CMC Church camp
21 Dec – Epsom
28 Dec – Epsom
2 – 7 Jan – Helsinki
7 – 19 Jan – Romania
4 – 5 Feb – Helsinki
5 – 16 Feb – Siberia

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