Update from Les and Vicki

les wheeldon in arctic 2013Les and Vicki have continued their travels to countries both hot and cold – not to mention all the ones in between! Their home base is in the UK and they forward to spending more time there in the coming months.

One of the highlights of this year was leading their second tour to Israel in April. Most of the group came from England this time, with the very welcome addition of two from Finland, and five Singaporeans – including Donna from NZ! It was a wonderful time of fellowship as they explored the Galilee, Jerusalem and Dead Sea regions; looking at the historical and biblical locations so rich in meaning and significance. Les was able to prepare and instruct all, as they traveled to these places in the air-conditioned coach, by explaining the background of each place from history and the Bible. Often there would be time at each location to reflect on the spiritual impact of the place before exploring and enjoying the site. We already have quite a few booked to come on next year’s tour, but places are still available. The dates are April 28th – May 7th 2014.

Immediately after their return from Israel, Les and Vikci had one day to turn around before setting out for the Canadian Arctic. This was their  fourth trip to Baffin Island, again wonderfully arranged by their dear friend Faith Turner. They were able to visit three Inuit communities during the three week visit. Their first stop was in Arctic Bay, in the far north of the island, where the Anglican and Full Gospel churches arranged combined meetings in the community hall. These meetings were well attended with wonderful times of worship and teaching. There is such hunger to hear the good news of the gospel as needs and hardships run deep in these communities. The next stop was in Iqaluit, the capital of Baffin Island, where Les was invited to speak at the Cathedral, interestingly built in the shape of an igloo – complete with spire! They enjoyed staying with, and getting to know the Bishop and his wife, a wonderful couple from N. Ireland, who have been serving the Lord in the Arctic for some years. Their last stop was in Cape Dorset – only an hour’s flight from Iqaluit in a small turboprop aircraft. There are no roads between these communities so the only option is to fly or spend days in hazardous conditions on a sledge! The best part of the visit to Cape Dorset was the combined meeting in the community hall where over 80 Inuit (out of 800) came to hear the gospel.

They have been asked to go back to the Arctic in November 2014 as the summer months are quite busy hunting times. Many of the Inuit are out on the land fishing, caribou and seal hunting; but in November everyone is at home. It will be strange going in 24 hour darkness instead of permanent sunshine. Our photos can be seen here.

Les is in Singapore at the moment with a busy program of teaching in various churches and in the Tung Ling Bible School. He leaves for China next week before returning to the UK on September 10th. Vicki has been spending time with her parents in Birmingham as her mother has been experiencing a lot of pain with back and hip problems.

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